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“ProcessManager excels in building management systems 
targeted to ISO standards like the ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 etc.

ProcessManager ApS

The company was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two founders have extensive leadership experience with international companies. Both hold a E*MBA degree.

The first years of the company were focused on helping companies develop highly systematic professional strategies for success. Working with many clients, a need for effective managements systems was evident. Every company needs a system to map, maintain and develop processes in order to reach tactical and strategic goals. Out of this discovery, the ProcessManager software was develop in 2007 as new software product to help meet this growing need.



Unlike other complicated products on the market, the ProcessManager software was designed to be simple and intuitive with visual prompts making it a perfect fit for everyday people with everyday jobs.

Because of its intuitive design the ProcessManager software is also well suited for building detailed management systems targeted for ISO standards like the ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 etc.

Helping companies achieve these standards by combining expert consultants and comprehensive templets became the primary function of the company.

Today the company utilizes two core channels to serve the needs of clients:

  • Consulting services conducted via email, phone and online meetings with screen sharing
  • Subscriptions for customers enabling them to build their own QMS

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Kim Hjermind

Nick Hjermind
Dennis Du Krøger
Lone Thorstensen
Reidar Poulsen

Tobias Hjermind
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